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What is LHVC doing?


LHVC is developing supports and infrastructure in the following ways:

  • Established a 24/7 Helpline

  • Child care (limited free options & paid)

  • Curating valid and vetted information 

  • Collaborating with other neighborhoods

  • Liaising with the City and Lane County Public Health

  • Seeking additional funds and resources

  • Database of volunteers

  • Database of neighbors in need

If the outbreak hits our neighborhood hard, the Executive Committee will call neighbors in need to check in on them and connect them to volunteers as needed.  We will also help connect them with whatever resources that may be needed.

We are also searching for options that may support neighbors who need financial or material aid in terms of food, transportation, clothing, shelter, etc.

Neighborhood Helpline - 541-581-0547

Important Info
from Lane County Public Health


If you're experiencing MILD to MODERATE flu-like symptoms, contact the following:

  • Your doctor's office or care team

  • Lane County's hotline at:


Either can help you identify the best course of action to protect your health and avoid overloading medical services.​

Remember to only rely on and share information from vetted and authoritative sources, such as:

Information on social media, even some shared by individual medical professionals, can be inaccurate and has led to injury and death.  Public Health Officials are pleading with the public to not trust or share anecdotal information. 


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