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Executive Committee 

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Tim Bradshaw                      Email  

Tom Bruno        Phone          Email   

Kaye Downey                       Email   

Kathy Frazer      Phone          Email  

Lianne Gaunt                        Email  

Mitch Hider        Phone 

Deborah Kelly                       Email  

Sheryl Kelly        Phone         Email   

Natalie Whitson  Phone          Email  

Jan Wostmann   Phone          Email  
Erin Dey                               Email

Caroline Cox                         Email

Benjamin Hansen                  Email

Alex Do                                Email

Donations welcome


Donations to LHVC are welcome and encouraged!  They help us respond to PUD applications, which often involve considerable legal fees.  They also help us with our community events, like our ice-cream social and pot-luck, as well as our newsletters, community signs, and more!  Contact Susan Ratzlaff for more information.